Womens Hiking Shorts Roundup

Womens hiking shorts are a little different from men’s hiking shorts. Most testing has been done on men’s designs. Luckily, we’ve compiled a dedicated womens hiking shorts roundup! These womens shorts are lightweight, quick-drying, and comfortable.

Less pockets

When shopping for women’s hiking shorts, look for the features that matter most to you. For example, if you’re planning to hike without a backpack, pockets are vital. These pockets should be deep and wide enough to fit a variety of items. Otherwise, you’ll find that your shorts won’t hold much. Also, you should consider the position of the pockets. Depending on your body type, pockets in certain locations might make you uncomfortable while carrying your backpack or other heavy items.

If you don’t have chafing issues, choose shorts with an inseam length of 5 inches or less. You’ll find that they’re just the right length for hot summer hikes. They’ll also handle sweating and jumping in water, so they’re a good choice for this type of activity. If you’re more interested in style, choose shorts with plenty of pockets. For instance, shorts with more than one zipper pocket on the front can be great for fly fishing.

womens hiking shorts
womens hiking shorts


Hiking shorts for women are available in a variety of styles. From high-waisted biker shorts to water-ready shorts, women can choose what’s best for their individual needs. A good pair of shorts should offer comfort, ventilation, and practical storage. Also, a good pair should feature a secure waistband so it won’t come undone when hiking or wearing a backpack.

Quick-drying women’s hiking short options offer protection against both water and sweat. Some are made of recycled nylon and provide UPF 50+ protection. These shorts can also be worn in town.


Moisture-wicking women’s trekking shorts are designed to keep you dry on long hikes. They feature an adjustable elastic waistband that allows you to cinch them in or stretch them out. They have plenty of pockets for your essentials and have UV protection and quick-drying fabric.

Moisture-wicking shorts are lightweight and comfortable to wear on the trail. They are also made of four-way stretch fabric, which helps you move freely and prevent chafing. Whether you’re on a long hike or a day hike, you’ll be comfortable in these shorts.

womens hiking shorts


Hiking shorts should be comfortable and breathable. They should also be stretchy and not chafe. There are many types of shorts available, and it’s important to choose one that fits your body type well. While some workout shorts may be comfortable, they aren’t built for hiking. Some workout shorts aren’t lightweight enough or don’t have UV protection. The most important factor in selecting a hiking short is its ability to keep sweat away from the body. You also want to choose a pair that is water-resistant.

Most women’s hiking shorts have pockets. However, they often have less pockets than men’s shorts. Depending on the style, women’s hiking shorts may have only two or three pockets, while men’s shorts may have six or more. Different shorts also come with different fastenings around the waist, such as a regular belt, internal drawstrings, or elastic waistbands.

Low inseam

When it comes to hiking shorts, there are a few different styles. Some are long and can provide more protection from the sun and sharp objects while others are short and can provide more ventilation and freedom of movement. To make your choice easier, some manufacturers will list the outseam measurement, which specifies the length of the shorts from the waist to the hem. This will give you a general idea of how long the shorts will be, as well as give you a sense of whether they’ll be high-waisted or low-waisted.

Women can choose hiking shorts with a low inseam, which will allow you to wear them comfortably without restricting your movements. For example, the Halle Short II by Outdoor Research comes in five different colors. Whether you’re on a hiking trip or a day trip, you’ll be comfortable wearing this style.

womens hiking shorts


There are several types of materials used to make women’s hiking shorts. Nylon and spandex are popular materials because of their flexibility. These shorts typically have a drawstring that helps you adjust the length of your shorts. While they are not as stylish as a pair of designer shorts, they are ideal for casual use. Nylon and spandex shorts tend to have fewer pockets and a looser fit. They are also shorter in the inseam.

Another popular material for women’s hiking shorts is a blend of polyester and nylon. These shorts tend to be abrasion-resistant and durable, and they are lightweight and breathable. These types of shorts are great for low-mileage runs.

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