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orienteering software

o Orienteering is not a perfect sport. However, it is a fun one and is a wonderful activity for everyone. Orienteering Software That Fits Your Needs

o The best orienteering software is one that meets the needs of an aspiring adventure sportive. Here are some guidelines to help you find one.

The most important aspect of an orienteering program is the safety features. This is to make sure that the amateur finds the course enjoyable and does not suffer from any debilitating injury. It should be a pleasant experience.

In addition, one of the most important safety features should be a certified CSI (coordinated chart). This allows for the tracking of distance and time of completion and is another safety feature.

A GPS or other integrated navigation system is another safety element. It allows you to know what your next step is. There is no need to hold your breath waiting for a signal.

o Many people experience bad days and a lack of fitness when they are engaged in strenuous physical activities. This is fine if you are running a marathon or training for marathons. But, when you are taking a day trip, a day hike or an overnight camping trip it is nice to know you can simply reach the destination without any difficulties.

o Many orienteering software programs will include the GPS technology. This allows you to keep track of where you are, where you have been and where you are going. This is especially true if you are lost and would like to contact someone.

o Some orienteering software programs will also include the satellite positioning system. This is used to pinpoint your location. If you are lost in the wilderness, with only your compass and a device, this technology could be life saving.

o Finally, you will need to have proper safety gear. This includes having a GPS device, compass, first aid kit, waterproof sack, flashlight, radio, and extra batteries. Don’t forget a pocketknife or a hatchet.

o When you choose your software, choose a reputable brand. Make sure you are purchasing a licensed version.

o Do not get caught up in fancy graphics or programming as this can distract you from focusing on the terrain you are navigating. Keep it simple but detailed.

o Lastly, an important factor to consider is the price. This can vary greatly.

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