Merrell Hiking Shoes

Merrell hiking shoes are a great choice for casual hikers. They’re lightweight, water-resistant, and designed to take a beating. The design also allows for extra room for your toes. Many people prefer these shoes to other brands due to their price range. But if you are a more serious hiker, you should consider investing in a more high-quality pair. You won’t regret it.

Merrell hiking shoes are built to take a beating

The Merrell hiking shoes series is made to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. They’re built to endure miles of rugged terrain, and they are incredibly comfortable. The brand’s line of Moab hiking shoes feature premium materials, such as leather and mesh, as well as Vibram TC5+ traction technology.

The brand’s shoes are made with a combination of comfort and support, which is why they are perfect for all-day wear. They feature a unique cross-linked polyethylene sole, which offers exceptional water and moisture protection while preventing your feet from sweating. Unlike many brands of hiking shoes, Merrell’s soles are made with anti-microbial properties to keep your feet dry.

merrell hiking shoes
merrell hiking shoes

They offer extra room for your toes

Merrell hiking shoes offer extra room for your feet, which makes them a great choice for long hikes or weekend backpacking trips. They’re lightweight, durable, and cushioned, but they’re also bulkier than many other types of hiking shoes. They’re perfect for day hikes and weekend trips, but aren’t recommended for overnight backpacking.

They are waterproof

When you want to take a long hike, waterproof Merrell hiking shoes are an excellent choice. They have been designed for long mountain treks and can easily carry a heavy backpack. They also have good support and cushioning that won’t fatigue your feet. Merrell hiking shoes have been around for almost forty years. They started out with high-end custom-made hiking boots but soon sold out to Wolverine Worldwide and shifted their focus to the mass market. They also own brands like Keds, Hush Puppies, and Wolverine work boots.

Merrell hiking shoes are one of the most popular brands among outdoor enthusiasts. They are budget-friendly, yet still offer excellent quality and performance. They can be found at a variety of outdoor stores and sporting goods chains, and can be found on the bottom shelf of REI or local hiking specialty stores.

They are lightweight

For hiking, Merrell hiking shoes are a great choice. Not only are they lightweight, but they are also durable. Some of their hiking shoes feature extra cushioning and are even water resistant. This makes them a great choice for weekend trips. You can purchase different sizes based on your foot type.

merrell hiking shoes

These lightweight hiking shoes are not only water resistant, but they also provide more mobility and agility. The materials used for their construction strike a balance between weight and durability. The waterproof membranes provide added protection against rain and other weather conditions, and the mesh upper helps your feet breathe. This allows you to move more quickly and more nimbly on the trail.

They have a crampon-resistant insole

The Merrell Moab is a dedicated hiking shoe that’s great for day hikes or light backpacking. This versatile shoe has been a trail mainstay for years, and the new version has more features to keep hikers comfortable and safe. It features a contoured footbed and a new material for the upper to increase comfort and warmth.

These boots feature a Gore-Tex waterproof-breathable membrane and 400-gram PrimaLoft synthetic insulation for warmth and weather protection. They also feature a nylon shank and a PU midsole that offer good traction. They also feature a step-in crampon-compatible insole and can be resoled if necessary.

They are easy to fit

Merrell hiking shoes fit true to size and do not need to be broken in. They are made to be comfortable and to fit snugly in the heel. However, their wider toe box provides a bit of wiggle room, which is ideal for people with wide feet. These shoes are also available in wide sizes.

merrell hiking shoes

Unlike some other types of footwear, Merrell shoes are also easy to customize. The square toe design and color make them stand out from other kinds of shoes. They also have a variety of colors and styles to match any outfit. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.