Top 5 Hiking Locations in the World

The Pacific Northwest is home to some great hiking locations. Seattle, Washington, for example, gets considerably less rainfall than the majority of the United States. This city is known for its natural beauty, and visitors can hike up the nearby mountains for spectacular views of the city. Another great hiking location in the state of Hawaii is Honolulu. The city features Diamond Head State Monument, a volcanic tuff cone that offers sweeping views of Honolulu. Another popular hiking spot in Honolulu is Koko Head Crater, which features a one mile trail with panoramic views of Honolulu.

The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail (AT) is a well-known hiking trail in the northeastern United States. It starts near Monson, Maine and travels through the 100-Mile Wilderness, the longest stretch of trail that has no paved road. You can find a variety of sights along the trail, from sugar maple forests and rocky rivers to panoramic views of the Barren-Chairback Range. It is an adventure that takes anywhere from nine to twelve days to complete.

Hikers have several different options for food and lodging while hiking along the AT. Several communities have special programs for hikers, including free meals, lodging, and food supplies. Many of these locations also offer hitchhiking opportunities, which allows you to reach the next town without a car.

hiking locations
hiking locations

The Great Ocean Walk

The Great Ocean Walk has a pristine natural environment and is an eco-certified advanced ecotourism experience. It is a great walk for beginners and experienced hikers alike. The scenic walk offers a diverse range of scenery and offers an opportunity to view native wildlife. It is easy to navigate and is well-signposted.

The Great Ocean Walk is generally moderate in difficulty. There are occasional steep sections, but most of the walk is flat. The length is around 18 km. It is possible to extend your walk by adding a day or two to complete the journey. The distances vary, so it is wise to bring appropriate equipment. You should also carry the right medications and first aid supplies.

Along the Great Ocean Walk, you can observe various species of wildlife. You can see koalas, sulphur-crested cockatoos, rosellas, kangaroos, fairy penguins, and southern right whales. You might also see a fur seal. A safety orientation session will inform you of how to respond if you encounter these animals.

The Great Wall of China

For those who like hiking, the Great Wall of China is a fantastic destination. You can hike the wall from sunrise to sunset, and you can hike a portion of the wall in just one day. However, you may want to avoid the Great Wall if it’s been raining or snowing. Some parts of the wall can become extremely slippery, so it’s best to avoid hiking during these conditions.

hiking locations

The best time of year to hike the Great Wall of China is between the months of April and May, when the weather is temperate. The trees start to bloom in late April and early May, so it’s a nice time to visit. The foliage is especially beautiful in the fall. While you can hike the Great Wall of China by yourself, it’s best to hire a guide to help you navigate the terrain.

The Dolomites

Hiking in the Dolomites is a popular pastime for tourists. The hiking season lasts from June to September. The best time to hike in the Dolomites is the first few weeks of July and early September, when temperatures are warm and the trails are in excellent condition. The best hiking in the Dolomites is also accessible via public transport, although some routes are only operated during the peak season.

The best hiking trails in the Dolomites are those that give you views of the mountains. The Sella group, the Sassolungo, and the Alpe di Siusi are all iconic peaks. The most popular day hike in the Dolomites is from the Col Raiser to Seceda. The Col Raiser chairlift is available from June to October, and it provides great access to the mountain range.

The Gila Wilderness

Hiking in The Gila Wilderness is an excellent way to experience the region’s natural beauty. The Gila National Forest offers a variety of hiking opportunities, including a paved loop that is easy to navigate with a stroller or wheelchair. Hundreds of miles of trails allow hikers to explore the area at their own pace.

hiking locations

The Gila National Forest’s hiking locations are diverse, with a wide range of terrain, from lush meadows to rugged mountains and deep canyons. While you’re hiking, remember to pack appropriate clothing and bring a first-aid kit. Taking the proper precautions is essential to avoid getting injured or losing your way.

Hikers should check the weather forecast before choosing a hiking location in Gila. While the area is hot in May and June, temperatures drop down to comfortable levels at night. Fortunately, the area’s many trails offer shade and relief from the hot weather. You can also choose to hike along canyon creeks and rivers to get a breath of fresh air. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.