Essential Hiking Gear

Essential hiking gear is a must for every hiker. It can be anything from a GPS device to Hand warmers. We’ve also included Microspikes, Petzl headlamps, and GPS devices. These gadgets will help you stay safe from the elements while on your hike. If you don’t have any of these items, you can always purchase them online.

Hand warmers

Hand warmers can help you avoid the sting of a cold hand, which can be a real pain during long hikes or other outdoor activities. They can also help keep your mobile devices’ batteries from dying in freezing temperatures. While lithium batteries are relatively safe, alkaline ones may be a more challenging proposition. Hand warmers are also an important piece of hiking gear that helps hikers respect the environment by practicing “Leave No Trace” principles.

Hand warmers are portable devices that produce heat on demand. Some of these devices can be refilled by plugging them into a USB port. There are also rechargeable electric hand warmers.

essential hiking gear
essential hiking gear


Microspikes are a must-have piece of equipment for all hiking adventures. Unlike regular hiking boots, these cleats are easily removed and stored. They are also versatile enough to be used on different occasions such as walking, going to the mailbox, or hiking. They are also able to prevent snow buildup.

Microspikes are essential hiking gear for hikers who plan to hike in high-altitude, frequent-snow areas. Whether you’re hiking in the Appalachian Mountains, the Pacific Crest Trail, or some other long-distance hike, microspikes can help you grip the ice and prevent slipping.

Petzl headlamps

Petzl headlamps have been around for over 40 years and have undergone many upgrades. Today’s models have advanced features and are more compact and lightweight than ever before. They also come with a variety of different beam options, including red light for discrete lighting. These lightweight and compact headlamps are perfect for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Petzl Tikkina headlamp is an excellent choice for budget-conscious hikers. This lightweight headlamp costs less than $20. It has a washable headband and is designed for beginners. The Tikka can also be used with a rechargeable battery, but you’ll need to buy the battery separately.

essential hiking gear

GPS device

The GPS device is one of the most essential pieces of hiking gear. If you plan on hiking across a mountain range, it is crucial that you have a functioning one. This piece of equipment can help you plan your route and avoid pitfalls. It is also essential to buy a device that offers good satellite reception. A good GPS device should also have preloaded or built-in maps. Another factor to consider when buying a GPS device is the design. It should be durable, waterproof, and shock-resistant. It should also be able to withstand scratches and bumps. The GPS screen is the most important part of the GPS device, so make sure that the display is clear and easy to read. It should also have a trans-reflective color display, as this helps with visibility in bright sunlight.

If you’re going to use your GPS device for hiking, make sure it is waterproof. Make sure it is made of rubberized material to protect the unit from water. The device should be easy to carry, and it should also be durable and lightweight.

Hydration reservoir

A Hydration reservoir is a vital piece of hiking gear. It can hold anywhere from one to three liters of water. A reservoir is especially useful if you’re planning a long hike, or if you’ll encounter water sources along the way. However, it’s important to keep in mind that water can be bulky and heavy, so you’ll need to think about your water consumption before choosing a reservoir.

Hydration reservoirs can come in many different designs and sizes, but the one you choose should match your needs and preferences. For example, a lightweight reservoir can be used for backpacking or hiking in dry areas, while a larger reservoir can be used for camping. Some models feature a side-facing bottle holder to help you store filtered water.

essential hiking gear

Thermal blankets

One of the most important hiking gear items to bring on your trip is a thermal blanket. They can keep you warm even when temperatures are low, and they are also lightweight and water-resistant. Some even have a reflective surface which traps body heat. They also double as ground cloths and ponchos.

Thermal blankets help to retain 90% of your body heat. They can also shield you from the wind, provide shelter, and act as a signal tool. Another important hiking gear item is a hat and sun-screen. Since sun rays can penetrate cotton t-shirts, you need protection against the rays. In case of emergency, an emergency thermal blanket can help keep you warm and dry. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.