How to Read an Orienteering Compass

First, lay the compass flat on a table or flat surface to learn how to read an orienteering compass. Locate a landmark or orienting arrow on the map. Follow the arrows to find the direction. If you cannot see any landmarks, use the compass’s tiny lines to determine your direction. If the arrows cross, you’re in the right direction.

To line up the orienting lines with the map, turn the compass housing until the needle rests inside the orienting arrow. The compass needle is contained in a liquid capsule that dampens the movement of the needle. It has a clear base plate with a straight edge.

The compass is best used in open areas. It will not be helpful if you’re in a thick forest, but it’s useful if you know how to use it in the wilderness.

Orienteering compass directions are displayed in degrees. To find the location, first, locate your current location on the map and then mark it on your compass. Then, locate the desired destination on the map. Then, rotate the inclinometer so the needle is over the orienting arrow.

When you’re sure to find your destination, you can turn 90 degrees and walk across it. Then, take another bearing, but ensure it’s in the same direction as the first one.

You can also use the compass to find your position in a given area. You can use the compass to mark your location by pointing the arrow in the direction you want to go.

Then, point the red end of the magnetic needle at yourself and turn the bezel. Once you’ve done this, the arrows will point in the same direction. To be sure, you should aim for a smaller triangle.

Once you’ve determined where you are on the map, line up the compass needle with the corresponding lines on your map. Ensure that the orienting lines line up with the horizon. When you’re unsure of where you are, you should line up your compass’s radial and vertical axes with your map. By using a compass correctly, you can navigate your way through the wild and avoid dangerous terrain.

The compass needle can be adjusted by using the compass’s red luminous north box. To adjust the compass needle, turn it north by placing it in the red luminous north box. If the compass needle is not pointed toward the north, it’s time to adjust its direction. During your trip, it will be impossible to get lost or confused.

how to read orienteering compass
how to read an orienteering compass

The compass’s needle can be used to orient your map. It should be oriented so that the red end of the compass needle points to the true north.

The compass’s needle must face away from you and in a direction that points true north. A person can begin orienteering once the compass’s needle is in the right direction.

To orienteer, it is necessary to have an accurate compass. Its red luminous north box is an important part of the compass’s orienteering compass.

It helps to have a compass that can tell you where you are. The needle is placed in the red luminous north box to read a compass. A compass should point to the north, and the arrow should point to the true north.

The needle of an orienteering compass is used as a protractor to determine the angle of the map. The compass dial should match the north-south lines on the map. The compass needle should be pointed toward the north luminous box. The north luminous box on the ring should point to true north. The needle of orienteering compasses should point toward the travel arrow.

A compass is a tool used in orienteering. It has different parts that help you determine the direction of your location. It can also tell you the distance to your destination. A good compass will also indicate the direction of your course.

By knowing the angles of the north pole, you can calculate the distance and the direction to your destination. If you plan to go hiking or mountaineer, you must purchase a compass. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.