Black Diamond Trekking Poles

Choosing the right trekking pole is essential for hiking. You should choose lightweight and durable poles, which will provide you with stability and balance. If you want a more durable pair of trekking poles, you can purchase ones made by Gossamer Gear. This brand also offers replacement sections for its poles, which is rare in the market.

Leki’s Micro Vario Cor-Tec TA

Black Diamond trekking poles have a reputation for being very comfortable to hold. These poles are especially comfortable for long-distance trekking, and they are incredibly lightweight. They also offer some of the most comfortable cork handles on the market.

A great thing about Leki trekking poles is that they come with interchangeable baskets. The standard basket is 45 mm, and you can upgrade to a 50 mm “performance” basket or a 95-mm “touring” basket. If you don’t need a larger basket, you can choose a smaller basket, which is ideal for a shorter hike.

black diamond trekking poles
black diamond trekking poles

The Micro Vario TA Carbon pole is lightweight and adjustable. It features a Speed Lock 2 system to make it easy to adjust. It also has a wrist strap for added comfort. It’s perfect for trekking, mountaineering, and alpine climbing. The micro-vario is great for technical climbing because it helps prevent knee strain.

Mountain King’s Khumbu Lite

The Khumbu Lite trekking poles are the perfect choice for a light-weight trek, as they are made of HTS 6.5 aluminum and have an Aergon CorTec grip for a comfortable fit. The poles also feature a Speed Lock plus adjustment system that makes them easy to adjust between 100 and 135 cm.

There are many different models of trekking poles, and some are better than others. A basic budget model is the Vango Deluxe, but it is heavy and requires fiddly adjustments. Another lightweight model is the Mountain King SuperTrekker, which is highly rated in tests.

For beginners, these lightweight walking poles offer great value. They feature a 6061 aircraft aluminium shaft, three-section design with a double twist mechanism, an adjustable wrist strap, a shock-absorbent system, and long-lasting tungsten carbide tip. They also come with mud baskets for extra convenience.

black diamond trekking poles

Cascade Mountain Tech

Cascade Mountain Tech trekking poles come with an aluminum foldable quick-lock system. Besides being lightweight and durable, they also feature tungsten carbide tips. When not in use, they collapse to 14 inches, making them easy to pack in a carry-on bag. In addition, they weigh just 1.8 pounds.

Another feature that is important to consider when choosing trekking poles is the weight. Some hiking sticks are extremely heavy, but most people don’t have that problem. These poles are lightweight, but they can still be bulky. The quick-lock system may not be comfortable for everyone, and you might find yourself hitting the poles against your legs while hiking.

Another benefit of carbon fiber trekking poles is that they are stiffer and lighter than aluminum poles. They also bend less under load and therefore offer more stability when hiking and descending. However, carbon fiber poles are also more expensive than Cascade Mountain Tech trekking poles, which are prone to breakage.

Gossamer Gear

Gossamer Gear makes some of the best trekking poles on the market. Its LT5 series is lightweight and comfortable, making them ideal for day hikers and thru-hikers. They are designed to weigh less than 5 oz per pole and feature an ergonomic EVA foam grip handle. They are also lightweight and durable enough for use on established trails, but may not be the best option for technical terrain.

black diamond trekking poles

Hikers usually choose aluminum trekking poles because they are lighter and more durable. However, carbon trekking poles are more expensive than aluminum and can become fragile. Also, they are not adjustable. If you are only going to use your poles for casual hiking, it is a good idea to get poles with an adjustable length. On the other hand, if you want to hike rough, you might want to choose an all-carbon pair.

For a long-distance trek, you will need poles that can be telescoping. The BD LT5 has both a collapsible and a telescopic design. However, you will give up some rigidity by using the collapsible design. Moreover, the LT5 model does not have markings on the middle or bottom sections. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.